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Candidate for DPSC Chair: Tracie Stafford

Editor’s Note: On Jan. 14, the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC) will elect a new Board Chair to a two-year term. Sacto Politico invited essays from both candidates. This is Tracie Stafford’s. Click here for Andrés Ramos’s essay.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won! The country is ripe for transformation. Politics are evolving, and as we move into this new era, we cannot expect to win the battles of tomorrow with the tactics of yesterday. This is why I am running to lead the Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC): to offer a more modernized, strategic, and collaborative organization, driven by democratic values.

The values of liberty, justice, and equity are more than just inspirational words. We built our society on these foundational goals. Thus to engage voters and drive policies that represent the people, we must move forward with a new lens that acknowledges history, understands the present day, and is inspired by future possibilities. I believe that I offer that lens.

For more than 15 years, I have been a voice for democracy within and outside the county party. As a public advocate, I led and fought for minority- and women-owned small businesses, women’s rights, and social justice. I am the immediate Past President of the Women Democrats of Sacramento County, which under my leadership became the top funding club of Democratic women in the region.

I have been honored to serve on the Executive Board of the DPSC, on the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party, as an Assembly District 9 delegate, as Sacramento Area NAACP Political Director, as Governor Appointee to the California Small Business Board, and as a member of the Sacramento County Elections Advisory Board. I am also an Emerge graduate, have run for the State Assembly placing second in Sacramento County, and train political candidates nationwide.

All of this is to say I have the global understanding of the diverse parts of the Democratic Party and the strategies needed for the organization to thrive. As DPSC chair, I will work collaboratively with the board, membership, and community to create a strategic, transparent, and collaborative organization. This includes a well-funded and sustainable infrastructure to effectively elect values-based candidates and support the growth of local clubs. This will allow us to mobilize communities more effectively in every corner of Sacramento County.

My areas of focus will include:

  • Strategic plan

  • Modernized Systems/Policies

  • Financial Stability

  • Mobilization of Clubs and Communities

  • 2022 & 2024 Elections

In conclusion, politics is the business of people, and it is the job of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County to provide the foundation, resources, and strategies necessary to ensure that our values of liberty, justice and equity are reflected in all policy. I would be honored to have the opportunity to lead in this effort.

Tracie and her husband Bryan Stafford raised their four children in Sacramento County and reside in Elk Grove. She has more than 25 years of senior leadership experience in the fields of communications, fund development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and social sustainability.

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